Us vs. Them

Smith Brothers Insoles

  • Semi-rigid with flexibility

    Allows your feet to move naturally and continue to strengthen.

  • Support the whole foot

    We build 3/4 and full-length insoles that support all areas needing correction.

  • Affordable ($250)

    Lasting a minimum of three to five years, our rate is an affordable investment and includes any adjustment for free.

  • Made quickly for instant gratification

    Comfort is a priority, so why wait? You’ll receive your finished product in 30 to 45 minutes, built on location.

Other insoles

  • Hard plastic

    Uncomfortable and over time the muscles in your foot can atrophy.

  • for the arch only

    Although claiming to be custom, most insoles only support issues in the arch.

  • High-priced ($400+)

    A high price for a product that is not necessarily fully custom and may not include adjustments.

  • are not made on the spot

    Most businesses ship their moulds out to be built by a third party, resulting in a two to three week waiting period.