About The Builder


RL Smith was a professional duathlete and triathlete from 1995-2002 racing worldwide.  He also was a member of the US Duathlon team from 1992-1995.  In 1996, RL was diagnosed with testicular cancer, but this news did not slow him down.  Now in remission for over 20 years, he has been enjoying his running streak that started in April of 2005 with no days off.  RL is an expert in body mechanics and can diagnose ailments almost instantly.  He became a licensed sports massage therapists in 1997, which gives him an extra edge in his diagnosis abilities. He has been in the cycling and running business since 1987 and developed the fine art and science of building custom insoles beginning in 1996.  Some of the customers receiving RL's insoles have been Ironman Champions, Professional Baseball, Football and Basketball players, Indy 500 Racers, Boston, Chicago and New York marathon winners, Hollywood Stuntmen, Nascar Drivers, Tour de France cyclists, Professional Golfers, Olympians and many every day people that wish to feel better and be active in a pain-free state.