Meet the Maker

The scientist and artist behind the custom insoles is owner, R.L. Smith.  He has been building custom insoles since 1996 in Boulder, CO.  With a background as a sports massage therapist and a former professional athlete, he has a vast knowledge of biomechanics and ailments that can prevent the enjoyment of running, cycling, walking or even just standing at your daily profession.  His custom product is now known around the world.

RL Smith is a man of many talents, from being a professional athlete, to a massage therapist, to a stand-up father and husband. He brings all of these talents to the table when it comes to his custom insoles. His combined knowledge of the body and the needs of an athlete come together to make sure that everyone is fitted with the insole that will go above and beyond in comfort and function. while fitting you for his insoles, he makes sure that you feel like part of his family for the duration of your visit, making insole fitting a painless and positive experience.

RL has been making custom insoles for over 20 years now and has perfected his craft. He makes sure that when you leave, you aren’t leaving with just a new insole, RL educates all of his customers on the intricacies of the foot and what each person can do to further improve the health of their body.